Is there a special place you love to dream about?
Do you live consciously and strive to set an example against the exploitation of our planet?
Are you a stand for the protection of its multifaceted beauty?
Or, do you simply enjoy wearing something bespoke, handmade, that no one else is wearing?

Then, welcome.  You’ve found your tribe.

your individual Wanderjuwel 

Wanderjuwel solely uses materials, that were given from and found in nature, like wood, graffiti wall, bike reflectors, tree bark, shells, stones and many more. Out of those we are creating these very individual and unique pieces of jewellery for you – Wanderjuwelen as we call them. 

To get one of these unique pieces you simply have to send us an email. When we get back to you, you will be the one who will decide over material, form, size and other details. So that, in the end, we can design a piece of jewelery according to your specific wishes, send it to you and make you the proud owner of your very unique Wanderjuwel. 

Every Wanderjuwel carries its very own story. To let you know about the travels of your specific piece of jewelery, every Wanderjuwel comes with a handmade packaging and a little textroll, in which you can read about the location, where the material was found.

do it yourself

 If you prefer designing a Wanderjuwel yourself, then you can also book us for a private workshop for you and your friends, in which we will teach you everything about the creation of you very own natural jewelry.