Is there a special place you love to dream about?​

Do you wish you had more time for long walks through lush green forests, over warm and sandy beaches or through the rough mountains?​

Do you live consciously and strive to set an example against the exploitation of our planet?   Are you a stand for the protection of its multifaceted beauty?​

Or, do you simply enjoy wearing something bespoke, handmade, that no one else is wearing?​

Then, welcome.  You’ve found your tribe.​Wanderjuwel.​

These are materials that until now have wandered the planet.​

Now, they are one-of-a-kind pieces that adorn your neck or wrist, your ears and fingers.​

These materials tell a story.​

A story of unique places from around the world, united by their beauty and their importance to our planet. ​

Forest, desert, ocean, mountains, city – all unique, all worthy of appreciation, protection.​

Unlike conventional jewelry that is made at the expense of our planet and its people, Wanderjuwels are made from ordinary, yet beautiful, objects that we might see, yet overlook, everyday. 

We breathe new life into Wanderjuwels, repurpose them so that they can tell their own story, and adorn you.​

Allow Wanderjuwels to transport you to another places so that you breathe in long forgotten smells and appreciate the beauty of the every day on this wonderful planet.​

Wanderjuwels are individual pieces, made from different materials from different places.  To bring you closer to those specific places and the stories they are telling, there are little scrolls attached to every jewel, so you can discover where your piece comes from and what it’s made of.​

Because it doesn’t take much bling to make a jewel worthy, when the most valuable lies to our feet day-to-day.​