We are Celia and Robert and together we are the tinkerer, creative minds and hearts behind WANDERJUWEL, a little jewelry workshop in Wuppertal, which follows the idea of making beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry out of natural materials found all over our beautiful planet.

Our idea was born many, many years ago, when already in fourth grade little, creative Robert started to draw sketches of jewelry on the last pages of his exercise book. First it was only a rough and childish idea. Years after though, as a full grown street-artist, he gave those sketches a shape and started to up cycle the remains of the graffiti scene, for example spray cans, markers, caps and paint, into unique colliers and earrings, which found their way into his exhibitions around Dusseldorf and drew lots of attention. He held onto the idea of creating jewelry but made it his concept to only use found materials for his pieces – and that fit perfectly! Because if there is one thing that Robert always had and still has to this day, it is his very good eye for the first so inconspicuous things that surround us day by day. As he has been a long-standing boy-scout in his childhood, this led to the fact that he started to use every material that he was tripping over. Especially in the year 2014, when the stormy depression ELA devastated his hometown Dusseldorf, he found lots of different ones – as for example copper that was blown off the roofs, splintered plastic from the skylights on the streets, wood of the fallen sycamore trees, that were once bordering Dusseldorf’s most famous alleys. All these materials, that mostly found their straight way into the garbage bins, ended up in his material pool and were sooner or later transformed into beautiful jewelry.

This is how the idea and the very rough concept of our jewelry production was born. Nevertheless there wasn’t a name yet.

In 2016 the equally creative all-rounder Celia entered the life of creative Robert – and was straightaway hooked with his idea. Celia works as an art mediator in a whole lot of museums and she was born into a family of very creative as well as handy skilled minds. Problem was though that at this point of her life she seemed to rather be studying the books than really making use of her talents – this was about to change soon. Because troubled by insatiable wanderlust and if close or far – since then we are gathering materials together to subsequently create beautiful jewelry out of them.

This is who we are.

And this is how we came to our idea.

If you want to know more, if you want your very own Wanderjuwel or if you want to book us for a workshop to create your very own jewelry, then please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We will be happy to hear from you!