Wuppertal, Germany

Because of love Robert wound up in Wuppertal. Because of his love to Celia, who was born in this beautiful city in the region of Bergisch Land. This is where the two took their jewelry to the next level. This is where they also came to the name Wanderjuwel and where they formed their small but nice jewelry workshop.

The city of Wuppertal lies amid the greenery and offers enough wood, roots and bark from which they can produce beautiful pieces of jewelry. During long hikes through the forests, gardens and parks of the city and together with their best friend on four paws called Gipsy, they always find the right material for the realization of their ideas. Also they already led several workshops for young people in which they shared all their knowledge on nature and how to make jewelry out of their findings. All in all Wuppertal is a great place on earth to live and work in.