Lagos, Portugal

For Celia there is hardly another place in Europe that she love to visit more than the seaport Lagos at the portuguese Algarve coast. Once you have arrived at the airport in Faro you are driving on gravel and country roads through the villages of the district, surrounded by old, sandy ruins, good-smelling orange plantations and wine and olive growing. Once you have arrived in the city you mostly already succumbed to its charm. Cafes in tiny alleys invite you to a small and strong cup of coffee and a traditional Pastel de Nata, the restaurants serve freshly caught fish and the houses’ fronts are decorated with ornated blue and white ceramic tiles – the traditional Azulejos.

What makes Lagos very distinctive though is its closeness to the Algarve coast. To be close to the Atlantic and to the beaches, which, surrounded by icecold water, sandy cliffs and warm temperatures, build the perfect basin for jewels out of the sea. You can find mussels, shells, stones and all kinds of materials, that formed a shape and color over the years, that you can not find anywhere else. Here, almost at the most south-western part of Europe, 30km from Sagres, Celia and Robert found their own little european paradise. And also another hunting ground for Wanderjuwel.