Düsseldorf, Germany

For Wanderjuwel everything started in Dusseldorf. Although it didn’t have this exact name yet, Robert started to collect materials for necklaces, bracelets and earrings in particular right here. He called them Rhine Jewels back then, named after Dusseldorfs main life source – the Rhine River, which is 1.232,7km long, wriggles its way through Middle- and Western Europe and is one of the most busiest waterways of the world. Along the Rhine, as for example at the so called paradise beach in Dusseldorf, we are collecting stones to this day. Just to make sure that traveling Rhinelander can always wear a piece of home on her or his ears.

Nevertheless stones are not the only materials that Dusseldorf has to offer. In the second largest city of Northrhine Westfalia with a population of more than 600.000 people you can also find one or the other urban treasure. Especially in the year 2014 Robert stumbled upon a lot of materials only a couple of hours after one of the most intense thunderstorms the city has ever seen – the thunderstorm ELA. With gusts of up to 142 kilometers per hour it caused great damage not only upon the nature and streets, but also upon the buildings of the city. In the end there was debris in heaps spreaded on the streets, most of it finding its direct way into the bins. Robert on the other hand collected this material to transform he most beautiful pieces into jewelry to this day.