Bülk, Germany

Robert’s second home is Schleswig-Holstein. Or to be a little more precise the beautiful city Kiel, where also his parents are coming from. Countless walks along the beach and a watchful eye between Schilksee and Dänisch-Nienhof lead to findings of of wonderful mussels, stones and also one or the other fossil like belemnites or fossilized sea urchins. The Baltic Sea is like a muse to him. Although it is quite windy and cold most of the time. Nevertheless there is nothing better than to come home after a long and cold walk, drink a cup of tea and have some Abendbrot (dark german bread, topped with butter and cheese, sausage etc.)

If you have never been to Kiel before we can only recommend this city and its surroundings. Citys with steam boats as public transportation are simply the best!